Environment and the territory: Sarlux obtains renewal of its EMAS certification

1 December 2016

Environment and the territory: Sarlux obtains renewal of its EMAS certification

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An environmental management system focused on continuing improvement. This is the meaning of EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), which Sarlux has joined on a voluntary basis since 2008. The Committee for Ecolabel and Ecoaudit, Italian Section, has renewed the EMAS certification held by Sarlux, a subsidiary of Saras, until 2019, also taking into account the expansion of its plants since 2015. The renewed certificate now includes the areas of the former Versalis petrochemical plant of Sarroch which on 31 December 2014 passed under the control of Sarlux, and the present Northern Plants, today integrated with the Refinery and the electrical power station.

For Sarlux and the Group this means important recognition of efforts made to ensure the new plants are increasingly compatible with the environment. In this way Sarlux confirms its commitment to pursuing ambitious environmental goals, requiring ongoing effort towards increasing sustainability, in order to remain well below the legal limits set out in the Integrated Environmental Authorisation.

The certifiers of the Ecolabel Committee assess methods used to collect environmental performance data, the capacity of presenting them in a clear manner to stakeholders and, above all, the actions undertaken by the company to ensure that each part of the system works with a very close eye to air, sea and soil quality. From year to year, equipment and devices for environmental protection are increasingly improved and all staff are committed to ensuring the site respects and is compatible with the territory.

Emas Registration Certificate