Sea rescue, firefighting, anti-pollution and security exercise in the sea area around the Sarlux piers

25 October 2017

Sea rescue, firefighting, anti-pollution and security exercise in the sea area around the Sarlux piers

The operation, called ‘Seasubsarex’, was carried out by Sarlux Operations & Shipping staff
in coordination with the 13th Secondary Sea Rescue Centre (Mrsc) of Cagliari.

The exercise was also supported by the motor vessels of the Coast Guard, Fire-fighters,
Carabinieri and Financial Police, the Port’s chemical officer, staff of the 118 (emergency) medical service and the Red Cross,
technical and nautical services (tugs, Sarroch port pilots and mooring workers)
and the anti-pollution vessel of the Castalia firm, made available by the Ministry for the Environment.

On request of the Maritime Authorities, all the actions for the different security levels set out in the company’s internal plan
for the southern and northern plants were carried out.

The exercise started with simulation of an explosion on the left side of a vessel flying the flag of Singapore,
moored at Pier 1 of the Refinery.

From there, a (fake) fire and subsequent (fake) spillage into the sea of a large quantity of diesel,
including the injury to some personnel and sea casualties.

This exercise made it possible to test the response times and the quality of deployment
of equipment and resources in an emergency.

The system for protection of the marine environment and the security
of personnel operating in the Sarlux marine terminals at Sarroch is guaranteed by continuous,
round the clock presence of men and equipment
ready to respond to all emergencies.

This activity is part of a general, extremely strict policy for the preventive screening of the ships
seeking to moor at the Sarroch piers: even before it became a legal requirement,
the Group introduced a series of severe rules applying to all vessels.

First and foremost is the requirement for a double keel for the transportation of crude, fuel oils, petrol, kerosene and diesel.

Once the ships have moored at the south or north marine terminals, they are boarded by inspectors appointed by Sarlux
whose task is to verify that operations take place in full safety, also as regards environmental protection.