About us

Energy is our passion

Sarlux, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saras Spa, is an energy company operating one of the main independent oil refineries in Europe.

The Sarroch refinery is the most important industrial operation in Sardinia, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, strategically located for trade between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Fully integrated with the refining plants, the Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plant covers 47.7% of the island’s energy demand.

All our actions are guided by the commitment to a sustainable development model, which respects environmental rules and people, with open dialogue and constant interaction with communities.


The Sarroch site hosts the largest refinery in the Mediterranean in terms of production capacity and structural complexity.
It can cover 21 percent of Italy’s total refining capacity.

The site also produces electricity through an IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) power plant with installed capacity of over 575 Mw.

300,000 refined barrels per day, 21% of Italy’s total capacity

31 types of crude oil from more than 30 countries around the world

overall storage capacity of 3.8 million m3

4 billion KWh of electricity per year

900 ships per year

The Sarroch plant is located on the coast, and its marine terminals are its gateway to the world. Most of the crude oil for processing is delivered to the refinery by oil tanker; likewise, most of the finished product is shipped by sea.


Saras is the 12th industrial company in Italy in terms of turnover, the third largest Oil and Gas Company in Italy and the largest company in Sardinia.

Saras pays around € 456 million in taxes in Sardinia each year,
covers more than 45% of the island’s energy demand
and ensures security of fuel supply, overcoming the geographical constraints of Sardinia’s island status.

It is the second largest company in Sardinia as to number of employees: out of the Group’s 1,944 employees 1,450 work in Sardinia, at Sarroch (Sarlux refinery), Ulassai (Wind Farm) and Macchiareddu (Sartec).

In the province of Cagliari alone, Saras generated added value of nearly € 700 million in 2015 (latest national statistical data), equal to 77% of the added value from the manufacturing sector in the province of Cagliari.