Our history

Remembering the past, describing clearly and directly the present, planning the future


Evolving to remain at the top of the game. This is the title of the conference held in Cagliari on 21 November 2018, organized by Saras in collaboration with The European House – Ambrosetti (TEH-A).

The Chairman of Saras, Massimo Moratti, welcomed participants and traced the history of the Group, which couples a constant drive for transformation with deep local roots in Sardinia. Mr Moratti described his recipe for maintaining market leadership, which includes a combination of resilience and enthusiasm, and stressed the importance of strengthening synergy between public authorities and businesses.


To mark the 50th anniversary of the Group’s foundation, its employees trace its history in a 25-minute video.

This short film tells the story of Saras operations in Sarroch from the beginnings and covers aspects of corporate social responsibility,  including protection of the environment.

The video sends a clear message to the local communities: thanks to strict compliance with stringent rules and constant oversight by control authorities, industry can be sustainable.

A detailed overview of the milestones in the Group’s history is provided on a dedicated website, www.storiasaras.it, charting each year of the company’s activities with a rich selection of archive images with explanatory captions, showing the people and places that shaped the company.

The anniversary celebration was also a chance to revisit period footage conveying the enthusiastic optimism of the 1960s and the milestones of innovation, showing the refinery’s drive for evolution.

On the Oil Route 

The impressive birth of the refinery in what was then a very different setting, from the spectacular feat of shipping by sea from Tuscany the gigantic column of the first distillation unit, to the arrival of the first tanker on 14th January 1965, and the start-up of the plants.

On the Great Oil Route

This video, with beautiful shots and told in the emphatic style of the economic boom years, documents the extension works on the refinery (190 hectares at the end of works) and the jetty, the birth of Saras Chimica and the hiring and training of new workers and engineers from Sardinia. A constantly evolving, modern industrial complex!

Saras Istituto Luce

For much of the 20th century, before TVs became widespread in homes, cinemas would screen documentaries by Istituto Luce. This documentary reports the visit to the Saras refinery by founder Angelo Moratti together with his children Massimo and Gian Marco. The 15th anniversary of the foundation was celebrated with the award of prizes to the workers.

Mild Hydro Craking

Improving product quality and environmental performance were the aims pursued by construction of the first Mild Hydro Cracking unit (the second was built in the late 1990s) to produce ultra-low sulphur diesel fuels and by the new short and medium-term projects described in the video.

The Saras sea

This underwater report, shot with the style and accuracy of a nature documentary, shows a seabed rich in life, posidonia prairies, meadows of caulerpa (sea grape), fish species, sea anemones and starfish. But here’s the twist: the scuba diver comes to the surface… He was right under the refinery’s jetty!

English language.