Our values

Being innovative, sustainable and a benchmark among energy suppliers

The Saras Group conducts its activities with the utmost attention to occupational safety and health and in compliance with environmental protection principles.

For this reason, the Saras Group works to maintain and develop trust with its partners, shareholders, employees, collaborators and other stakeholders and pursues its objectives seeking to balance the interests of all stakeholders.


Purpose means the company’s vision and mission, the guiding values and the organisational choices targeting achievement of the company’s strategic objectives. The challenge for Sarlux is to achieve operational excellence, so as to increase the value and quality of the organisation and of the system in which it operates.
All staff members contribute to this aim, through their skills and dedication:
each individual is expected to join the effort and plays an essential part in its success.
This is how Sarlux generates profit and creates value for the community, of which it is an integral part.
Purpose concerns the organisation, but it has also effects on the social context.


Safety and respect for the environment
Creating sustainable value
Being an integral part of and a point of reference in the community
Developing people’s potential by fostering professional growth
The place to be
Knowledge and skills are our assets
Developing innovation
Strength lies in the Group
These values guide all our decisions and the actions we take to generate benefits for our people, our customers, our shareholders and for the entire territory in which we operate.


Our business sector is the manufacture of petroleum products and the production and sale of electricity. Our production site is still today one of the most important in Europe in terms of complexity and production capacity and quality. It is a model of efficiency and environmental sustainability, thanks to our expertise and to the technology and human resource base we have built in 50 years of work. Half a century on, our target is to stay one step ahead of our competitors, by deploying innovative technology and organisational solutions. We work to exceed safety and environmental protection requirements, to maximise our site’s compatibility with the local territory.
Honesty, transparency, fairness and integrity are the cornerstone of the way we run our business, in every context in which we operate. We consider protection of the environment, health and safety fundamental principles of our daily operations. Constant commitment, investments in technology innovation and energy efficiency, continuing training and responsibility towards local stakeholders are fundamental for our company’s productivity and competitiveness.


We are aware of the importance of energy in the daily lives of households, but also of the impact of energy generation on the environment and the local area.

This is why we are constantly committed to creating a culture of energy responsibility. Training, from school to university, from the research sector to individuals, is essential if we want to build a sustainable future.

The Code of Ethics lays down the well-established values, principles and rules of conduct followed by Saras, its subsidiaries and affiliates (the “Saras Group”) in all their operations.

We recognise the importance of ethical and social responsibility, and we pay the utmost attention to occupational health and safety and environmental protection principles.

We are committed to maintaining and developing relations based on mutual trust with our partners, shareholders, employees, and all stakeholders: suppliers, customers, institutions, social partners, industrial partners, as well as with the community and all the organisations that are affected directly or indirectly by our activities.