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Being innovative, sustainable and a benchmark among energy suppliers

The IGCC plant’s cooling tower at the Sarlux refinery
Maintenance work on a wind turbine at the Sardeolica Park in Ulassai

All Group companies are committed to a culture of sustainability

Aerial view of the Sarlux refinery, showing the IGCC plant in the foreground 

The Sarlux refinery is a model in terms of efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The refining cycle is fully integrated with the IGCC plant:
the integrated gasification combined cycle plant recovers the refinery residue and converts it into electrical and thermal energy.

Integration with petrochemical processing together with electricity generation complete the refining cycle with the latest technologies and give the refinery significant operational flexibility.

The Saras Group is also stepping up its focus on renewable energy sources

The project to expand the Ulassai wind farm, authorised at the end of 2018, is currently under way; the foundation works have been completed and the main parts to be installed have been delivered from the port of Arbatax. The current fleet of 48 turbines will be expanded by a further 9 turbines, 5 at Perdasdefogu and 4 at Ulassai.

Following the expansion, the Sardeolica plant will generate more than 260 GWh, corresponding to the energy consumption of approximately 85,000 households.
Energy production is scheduled to start next October.

The thrilling sequence of the transport and assembly of one of the new turbines at the Sardeolica Park
Capturing the wing of the wind, Maria Lai’s installation at the entrance to the Sardeolica Park

With this investment, Sardeolica has laid the foundations to consolidate over time its position as a major environmentally sustainable and innovative industrial player in the area. The wind farm’s expansion will increase significantly renewable energy generation, while also boosting employment and the local economy, with direct benefits for the towns of Ulassai and Perdasdefogu.

The event has been widely reported by the local and national print media and broadcasters; see the links to the reports by TG3 RAI and Videolina

The Saras Group is one of the main European oil refining operators, and is also active in the electricity generation sector. Directly and through its subsidiaries, the Group sells and distributes petroleum products on national and international markets. In addition, the Group produces and sells electricity through its subsidiaries Sarlux Srl (IGCC plant) and Sardeolica Srl (wind farm). The Group also supplies industrial engineering and research services to the oil, energy and environmental sectors through its subsidiary Sartec Srl.

31 July 2019  -  

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