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Businesses and Universities: together for local students

The region’s companies and universities continue their joint effort to develop and retain highly skilled professionals in Sardinia.

Sarlux, Fluorsid and Ecotec have joined the initiative of the Italian Association of Chemical Engineering (AIDIC), which together with the University of Cagliari intends to stem the brain drain from Sardinia.

Also this year, in the main hall of the Faculty of Engineering, prizes were awarded to the best four new graduates of the three-year course in Chemical Engineering who will continue to study in Cagliari for their Master’s degree. Federico Atzori, Francesca Cappai, Marco Dessalvi and Anna Laura Sanna received a scholarship and a voucher for an internship in one of the main industrial companies in the area.


The winners – from left: Federico Atzori, Marco Dessalvi, Francesca Cappai and, for Anna Laura Sanna, her grandfather Mr Fabio Pillai; at the centre professor Massimiliano Grosso, coordinator of the degree course.
From right, the president of Aidic, Francesco Marini and the representatives of the sponsoring companies.

Massimiliano Grosso – Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Department of Mechanical, Chemical and Materials Engineering – coordinator of the degree course, remarked that ‘All Chemical Engineering graduates have a high likelihood of finding rewarding employment that matches their qualifications, given the high demand for their profiles by several industries. Relevant fields include, among others, industrial chemistry, water treatment, food processing and handling, industrial plant operation, environmental protection and the development of new technologies.

Together with Professor Massimiliano Grosso, the teachers of the graduation committee also attended the prize-giving ceremony: Simonetta Palmas, Stefania Tronci, Roberto Baratti, Roberta Licheri, Simone Ferrari, Michela Mascia and the representatives of Sarlux, Fluorsid and Ecotec .

Some moments of the award ceremony
In the front row the teachers of the Committee of Cagliari University’s degree course

After the delivery of the vouchers at the end of the graduation ceremony, the President of AIDIC Sardinia Francesco Marini said “The best chemical engineers who have decided to complete their university education in Sardinia have been rewarded. These young fellow engineers represent an important resource for the economic and social development of our territory and make us proud of the work done by our department”.

The collaboration between the Saras Group and the University of Cagliari aims at lifelong training. It is essential, in fact, to face the new challenges that industry 4.0 imposes and to help make young graduates an active and integral part of the world of work and the community in which they are inserted.

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The Saras Group is one of the main European oil refining operators, and is also active in the electricity generation sector. Directly and through its subsidiaries, the Group sells and distributes petroleum products on national and international markets. In addition, the Group produces and sells electricity through its subsidiaries Sarlux Srl (IGCC plant) and Sardeolica Srl (wind farm). The Group also supplies industrial engineering and research services to the oil, energy and environmental sectors through its subsidiary Sartec Srl.

6 August 2019  -  

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