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Experience and technology, Saras for the University

Saras, through its Group companies, pursues several outreach activities as part of its corporate social responsibility. In particular, we work closely with the University of Cagliari in the exchange of know-how.

The Department of Mechanical, Chemical and Material Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering, with which the Saras Group regularly organises seminars, meetings, workshops and internships, is a particularly interesting partner, given its educational and training objectives.

Recently, Professor Giacomo Cao, of the Department of Mechanical, Chemical and Materials Engineering of the University of Cagliari, together with several Sarlux engineers, gave the students of the degree course an overview of the roles and development opportunities for chemical engineers in industrial companies.

In another session, experts from Group company Sartec, together with Professor Stefania Tronci, a researcher at the Department of Mechanical, Chemical and Materials Engineering, discussed issues related to the development and implementation of a Model Predictive Control (MPC) model on reforming.

A cycle of three seminars for students of the master’s degree in Chemical and Biotechnological Process Engineering is currently under way.

During the first days of the meetings, experts from the Saras Group, from Adecco, the world’s leading human resources provider, from brewing company Heineken, from the Dublin-based pharmaceutical company APC LTD and from the Institute of Biotechnology of the University of Manchester discussed with the students various topics such as: how to prepare for a job interview and draw up an effective curriculum vitae, aspects of salaried employment for large process industry companies and working in the field of research and innovation, in both the private and public sectors.

The stories told by young graduates who have recently found their first job either in Sardinia or abroad, also illustrated the employment opportunities offered by the degree course.

The seminars also enable students to understand the importance of continuous improvement and of the innovative processes developed and implemented by the people of the Saras Group companies to create value while fully respecting the pillars of safety at work and environmental protection.

Control room of the Sarlux refinery

The technical and management skills of our Group’s people, many of whom graduated from Cagliari University, enable the Sarlux refinery to meet the challenges of industry 4.0 and offer newly graduated engineers a gate to the world of future-oriented industrial production.

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The interaction between Saras and the University provides added value to the students, the territory, the labour market and the local community.

The Saras Group is one of the main European oil refining operators, and is also active in the electricity generation sector. Directly and through its subsidiaries, the Group sells and distributes petroleum products on national and international markets. In addition, the Group produces and sells electricity through its subsidiaries Sarlux Srl (IGCC plant) and Sardeolica Srl (wind farm). The Group also supplies industrial engineering and research services to the oil, energy and environmental sectors through its subsidiary Sartec Srl.

25 July 2019  -  

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