Social responsibility

Respect for and attention to our people, support to initiatives for the social, economic and cultural development of the community around Sarroch, constant dialogue with the territory and protection of the environment.
These are the values that Sarlux is committed to, for effective corporate social responsibility.


With total average employment, direct and indirect, of about 4000 workers and a number of enterprises and production units, the industrial site of Sarroch is one of the main petrochemical sites in Italy recording positive values in the various economic, technology and social indicators.

An industrial site leader in the Mediterranean

To continue to lead in the refining sector, the Group’s business plan for 2017-2020 includes an investment plan of about EUR 600 million whose aim is to improve performance, streamline costs and develop know-how to maintain our leadership, including via the innovations of Industry 4.0.

These investments also include social and public aims, pursued through a number of initiatives for environmental protection, energy efficiency and workers’ safety. They provide extra opportunities for development of the local economy together with important employment prospects to workers qualified in the relevant industrial sector.

Governance for the industrial area

For a number of years now, industrial relations at the Sarroch site have been regulated by a Governance agreement focused on mutual listening and dialogue.

Through positive industrial relations and social dialogue, we were able to foster at the industrial site an atmosphere of constructive dialogue and synergistic action in pursuit of shared objectives by trade union and employer organisations.


Corporate social Responsibility

To Sarlux, it means first and foremost sharing our industrial and business culture with the new generations, to foster social development that rests on jobs, sustainability and growth of the economy.

As concerns the area around the industrial site, in addition to sponsoring every year the events associated with the stopover at Sarroch of Sant’Efisio’s procession, leaving Cagliari on the first of May en route to Pula, we have constructed a playground for the local community.
In 2017, the Group also supported the ‘Tablet Project’ to provide students of Sarroch’s school with tablets in addition to their traditional textbooks.
The Sarlux plant was also honoured by Monsignor Arrigo Miglio, the Bishop of Cagliari, who officiated here the Mass that closed the 48th Social Week of Italian Catholics on 29 October 2017. With live global broadcast by RAI, the Mass was followed by Pope Francis’ Angelus from Saint Peter’s square. For the staff of Saras Group this was an opportunity to reflex on Sarroch’s role as Sardinia’s main production site.

The ultimate aim of our projects for the community is to help the young generation to develop their talents and design their personal and professional plan to help them become an active and integral part of the world of work and their community.

To do this, under the agreement with Cagliari University, we organise on-site training experiences, workshops and grants for university students. Sarlux is also involved in the guidance programme designed by the Saras Group for secondary school students, under the ‘Work Experience’ programme of the Ministry of Education for schools. Since 2017, we have been a partner in Sardinia of the programme ‘Enterprise in Action’, under which secondary school students simulate the creation and management of micro-enterprises.
Since 2013, about 850 high school and university students have visited our plants at Sarroch.
Sarlux and the Saras Group also support sport, by providing sponsorships to a number of local amateur and professional sports clubs.


learning about business


we focus on teamwork

Sarlux ecosystem

One of the strengths of the industrial area of Sarroch is the presence of a cluster of SMEs that sprouted around the Sarlux compound starting from the 1960s to supply auxiliary or maintenance services.

Thus, in addition to the large industrial operations of Versalis, Sasol, Air Liquide and Eni Gas LPG, the industrial area has a number of local businesses which have grown over the years together with the Saras Group and which today make up a major industrial cluster of Sardinia. A true industrial community.