A bridge between university
and business


Scientific research and technological innovation to enable young people
to explore new professional experiences and, most importantly,
to build a link between higher education and field experience,
between university and businesses.

Since 1998, the Saras Group has welcomed to its plants
300 students from Cagliari University
engaged in research for their degree thesis, work experience or post-degree traineeships.
We also cooperate with the University’s Department of Engineering on
in-depth seminars
supplementing academic teaching and on
research projects for future engineers.

During an open day, we have welcomed to our Industry 4.0 laboratory at the industrial site
more than
60 students of the Faculty of Chemical, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
and members of research organisations from Sardinia to give them an overview of the
#digitalSaras programme.

During this outreach event, we described the pilot projects tested in recent months
by the #digitalSaras team and announced the industrialisation phase for some of them.
Thus, the future engineers were able to hear and interview the members of the team
and learn, for instance, how augmented reality and big data are changing the world of industry.

We have a number of joint projects with the University.
One is a proposal submitted in 2017 under a call launched by regional agency Sardegna Ricerche.
The proposal, jointly developed by Sartec – a Saras Group company devoted to scientific and technological research, the University’s Faculty of Geology and CRS4,
concerns a ‘top-down cluster’ on groundwater modelling and other environmental modelling applications.

Nanotechnology projects are under way with the Faculty of Chemistry,
and an advanced teaching module on remediation is being developed with the Faculty of Geology.

Other projects include studies on wave motion near the Sarlux jetty in Sarroch,
research projects on cleaning up hydrocarbons from seaport waters,
and collaboration for construction of a pilot plant for the treatment of industrial waste water.

We also support the initiative of the Italian Chemical Engineering Association
with a grant for the best Chemical Engineering graduates of 2017
who decided to complete their university education in Sardinia.
This is our contribution to stemming the ‘brain drain’ from Sardinia.

Cagliari University has always had strong interest
in the exchange of competencies and know-how with companies based in Sardinia.

This is why in June 2014 the then rector of the University, Giovanni Melis renewed with Saras Group CEO Massimo Moratti
the framework agreement in force since 1998.

Guidelines and objectives

This agreement sets out the guidelines for cooperation between the University’s departments and the Group’s companies,
all focused on achieving two main objectives:

design and develop industrial technologies through innovation-focused scientific and technological research

support students and share our competences via classroom-based seminars, stages, company trainings and study grants enabling them to pursue new professional opportunities.


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