and TEATRO ENERGIA project


In addition to the regular plant tours organised for students from vocational high schools,
we took up the challenge put by the teachers of Classical High School ‘Siotto Pintor’ in Cagliari,
to disprove the notion of the ‘distance’ of this type of school from scientific and technical subjects.

Humanistic education and an approach fostering reasoning and critical thinking,
allowing Classical school students to succeed in all types of university courses are nowadays
considered important assets by companies too.

However, it is also true that the humanistic and classical education
offered by these schools does not fully cover the educational needs of young people of the third millennium.

It is necessary to expand the classical syllabus to include, besides theory, practical knowledge and  an insight into the world of work,
also in sectors not traditionally present in the classical syllabus.

This was the reasoning behind the ENERGHEIA project, launched in 2015,
a first-hand experience that enabled students from the Classical school
to make the ‘leap’ from their classroom to the life of a large company.

Several classes of fourth-year students took part in the project: after some preparatory classroom presentations held by company staff
in cooperation with the teachers, the students took part in a 3-day experience at the company, covering a number of topics: the role of IT, company organisation, occupational health and safety, protection of the environment; oil refining and chemical processing;
logistics; procurement of raw materials and shipping of the finished products.

The company itself became a classroom, where students were able to ask questions
and build knowledge and awareness to help them choose their subsequent study and work careers.


In 2015 we took part in ‘Prometeo Perché’,
a theatre workshop
for the students of classical school ‘Siotto’ in Cagliari.

Based on an idea by director Corrado Licheri, himself an engineer by training, the project brought together science and humanities:
the workshop sessions led to the collaborative writing of the script by the 20 participating students,
resulting in the play ‘Prometeo Perché’, on the Greek myth on the origin of fire, the symbol of all kinds of energy.

The play was staged on 21 May, at the auditorium of the Conservatory in Cagliari, during the programme ‘Teatroenergia’,
organised by Saras and the ‘Siotto Pintor’ school, with the participation of the Conservatory students
who performed electronic music composed specifically for the event.