Future engineers visit the plants


It was an opportunity not to be missed: the mega turbine
of the cogeneration power plant ready to be ‘studied’.
And the graduands of the Department of Chemical and Electrical Engineering of Cagliari University
made sure not to miss it
In mid-summer, the students accompanied by their teachers were our guests
during an illustrative session in the meeting hall of the company’s site at Sarroch.

After the safety course and description of the combined-cycle gasification process of the IGCC plant,
the two groups – at different times – observed from up close the heart of the plant, a large turbine, albeit ‘disassembled’ and held in the Cemis workshop,
ready for maintenance.

Fascinated by the description made by Giancarlo Denotti, with 40 years’ experience at the Sarroch site,
the students appreciated the component of one of the largest combined cycle power plants of this kind in the world.
The IGCC plant covers approximately 35-40 % of the energy demand of the whole of Sardinia.
For future engineers, an experience to be remembered.