RAIn Award


RaIn! ‘Tell me about the Future and Innovation 2017’.
For the third year running, together with the association Sardinia 2050, we launched the ‘RAIn!’ Award,
a competition for high-school students who produce a video on the subject of new technologies and innovative ideas.

The 2017 edition has an important new feature:
the competition has been opened to the last three year’s students
from all the high schools in Sardinia!

School, culture, health, mobility, sustainability, work and energy are some of the fields
chosen by the students to express their creativity.

Like in previous years, students had to create a 3-minute video about the technologies,
innovations and processes set to change our future or which are already transforming our lives.
In short, how the young imagine the future.


Giuseppe Chessa, Francesco Mulas and Walter Piazzi, from Scientific and Language High School ‘Fermi’,
authors of the video ‘Ákelu’,
won the first prize.
They chose to tell a new frontier of the world of work:
the production, with 3D printers, of objects to be made available to a community, through a web portal.
Their motto is ‘if you can imagine it, you can do it!’.
They will fly to Barcelona,
where they will visit the Fab Lab and learn about exciting new technologies.


‘Businesses must get in touch with school students and help them understand reality,
not least to motivate them in their studies. If the students also enjoy themselves in the process,
as in this case, and have a chance of winning some nice prizes, this can only be good’
said the Head of the Regional School Authority, Francesco Feliziani, commenting on the initiative of Saras
and Sardegna 2050 when handing out the prize.
Journalist Nicola Pisu played the host.

ARTS – Auto Rescue Tracheotomy System

The second prize was given by the Head of the Young Industrialists’ Association, Alessandra Argiolas, to the students of the Giua School of Cagliari, for the video on
ARTS – Auto Rescue Tracheotomy System’,
showing the operation of an emergency aid system in case of choking. Alessandro Sechi, Federico Scioni, Valentino Zuliani (with their teacher, Mr Alessandro Zizi, who conceived their HiLab) will travel to Turin to visit
an innovative start up and the Museum of Film.

Nanotechnologies for a great future

The third prize was handed over by the head of ICT of the Saras Group,
Mr Bruno Demuru, to the students of the ‘Bacaredda’ School of Cagliari, Matteo Vaccargiu, Lucrezia Pinna, Nicole Melis
(with teacher Maria Luisa Zonno),
for their video entitled ‘Nanotechnologies for a great future’.
They won three GoPro action cameras.

Sardegna, 2070

Lastly, a special mention for the theme chosen was given by the coordinator
of Sardegna 2050 Simone Ferrari to the students of the Art School in Oristano.
In the video ‘Sardegna, 2070’,
Sergio Pisanu, Angelo Frau and Riccardo Deias (teacher: Francesco Casale) imagine a future drought-ridden Sardinia where people are ready to kill for this precious resource.

RAIn! Tell me about the Future and Innovation 2016:
the winner is “Modern times”

In the second edition of the competition ‘Tell me about Innovation’, launched together with the Association Sardegna 2050,
high-school students from southern Sardinia were once again invited to produce,
using their smartphone apps, short three-minute videos
on the impact of technology on various aspects of our lives.

The videos submitted covered a range of themes,
testifying to the young videomakers’ creativity: from a critical view of the need to be constantly online
to social themes such as overcoming disability through technology.
The jury chose the best three videos, although all works deserved special mention
for their narrative vision.

Modern times

This is the video awarded the top prize, by students Luca Lampis, Marco Nannizzi and Gianmarco Cicalò from High School
Galileo Ferraris in Iglesias; their teacher was Nicoletta Schirru.
Using B&W video, harking back to Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’, and with strong references
to ‘Metropolis’ by Fritz Lang, the authors conceived
and created, using reclaimed materials, a moving robot able to perform
hazardous tasks in difficult environments.
The jury was particularly impressed by the quality of narration, which had an excellent storyline and a close link between scenes and commentary/sound.
The group won a voucher for an expenses paid three-day trip to Barcelona including a visit to the Fab Lab, the most creative innovation factory in Europe.
The winners were also able to present their video within the national event ‘Scintille’ (www.cniscintille.it),
held at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo on 22 June 2016.
The event was sponsored and supported by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Smar3D & Gemma Sonica

Second place went to Valentino Zuliani, Federico Scioni and Preet Inder Sainidal
from ITIS Michele Giua in Cagliari; their teacher was Antonello Zizi.
This team created a system, light and wearable like a cap or a locket, alerting blind or visually impaired persons to the presence of obstacles along their way.
‘RaIn’ acknowledged the originality of the proposed innovation and its potential positive social impact.
The group won an expenses paid 2-day trip with guided visit to the ‘Fab Lab’ at the ‘City of Science’ in Naples.


The third prize went to the video
by Lorenzo Eriu, Raffaele Serra and Paolo Ghiani from Azuni High School in Cagliari, with teacher Stefania Grilli.
The generational divide, the potential and the limits of technological advances are described with irony and sophisticated filmmaking, inspired by the second wave of Italian Neorealism of the 1970s.
The authors of this video invented an imaginary app called ‘Fatto!’ (Done!),
which makes it possible to run errands directly from home, only to discover that you can’t do everything with technology.
The jury saw this clip as an alternative way of describing innovation, with an ironic glance which stimulates reflection and self-criticism.
The group won a GoPro 4 action camera for each student.
The authors of the 10 best videos presented their work at the event ‘officinepermanenti’ held on 15 July in Cagliari, in the section ‘School and Innovation’.

RAIn! Tell me about the Future and Innovation:
The winners of the 2015 edition

Let’s save the children

first prize

A rain of innovation

second prize

Vertical Garden

third prize

The winners of the first prize
won an educational trip to the Fab Lab of Barcelona,
Europe’s ‘innovation factory’.
The second team won a two-day trip to Milan, to visit Expo2015,
while the third team won a GoPro camera for each.
The three videos awarded prizes were broadcast by regional TV station Videolina
during its report of the closing event held on 21 May, ‘Teatroenergia’,
organised by the Saras Group and Classical High School ‘Siotto Pintor’ at the Music Conservatory in Cagliari.
During the evening, the students staged a play on the theme of energy,
‘Why Prometeus’, the outcome of a theatre workshop sponsored by the Group.