The Sarlux industrial site is open to students
for fruitful exchanges between school learning and business experience
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Building bridges between students and the company,
sharing with young people the technical and managerial skills of Sarlux staff,
built over more than 50 years of industrial activity.

About 300 trainees from Cagliari University have visited our plant since 1998 as well as 550 high-school students
over the past four years alone, attending seminars in the Sarlux meeting hall in Sarroch.

We have strengthened and developed relations with schools and the local university
through initiatives such as training placements, traineeships, university scholarships
and our ‘Learning about business’ programmes.

This is nothing new for us.
Since the 1960s, we have been welcoming visits by student groups to our site
for a first-hand view of our state-of-the art equipment
1967, university students from the Chemistry Department of Cagliari University

But educational demands evolve over time, and Saras has adapted to changing needs:
today, we give students an inside view of a modern industrial site operating in an international context.
Today we offer ‘guided visits of the world of work and company organisation’:
students have a chance to see how a large company is operated,
by attending an intensive programme of lectures and business simulations.

This model builds a bridge between the university and industry
and allows high-school students to acquire direct experience,
designed to match their school syllabus,
in order to enrich their classroom learning with information acquired ‘in the field’


A bridge between university
and business

Scientific research and technological innovation to enable young people to explore new professional experiences and, most importantly, to build a link between higher education and field experience, between university and businesses.
Since 1998, the Saras Group has welcomed to its plants about 300 students from Cagliari University engaged in research for their degree thesis, work experience or post-degree traineeships.

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Future engineers visit
the plants

It was an opportunity not to be missed: the mega turbine of the cogeneration power plant ready to be ‘studied’. And the graduands of the Department of Chemical and Electrical Engineering of Cagliari University made sure not to miss it.

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high school

Learning about business

The programme ‘A scuola di Impresa’ has built bridges between Sarlux and schools, creating a fruitful exchange between students and the world of work.
From 2014 to the present, we have welcomed to our site about 550 students, to supply them with real-life information on company organisation, workplace safety, human resources, training and the management of a Group whose parent company is listed on the stock exchange.

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RAIn – Tell me about Future and Innovation!

Future sceneries, proposals and solutions

The RAIn! 2017 edition has an important new feature: the competition has been opened to the last three year’s students from all the high schools in Sardinia. Students had to create a 3-minute video about the technologies, innovations and processes set to change our future or which are already transforming our lives. School, culture, health, mobility, sustainability, work and energy are some of the fields chosen by the students to express their creativity.

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‘ENERGHEIA’ project and

In addition to the regular plant tours organised for students from vocational high schools, we took up the challenge put by the teachers of Classical High School ‘Siotto Pintor’ in Cagliari, to disprove the notion of the ‘distance’ of this type of school from scientific and technical subjects.

This was the reasoning behind the ENERGHEIA project, launched in 2015, a first-hand experience that enabled students from the Classical school to make the ‘leap’ from their classroom to the life of a large company.

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