Interactive infographics to learn more about Sarlux world

Being clear and transparent about who we are and how we run our business is the foundation of all Saras Group communications.

In this section of our website you will find interactive animated illustrations, for information and educational purposes.
They will help you to understand the complexity of the refinery’s processes
and the routes of raw materials and products around the world.

From the sea terminals in the Gulf of Cagliari, in the centre of the western Mediterranean, you will find the routes of the tankers bringing crude oil to Sarlux and leaving again loaded with finished products.

The aerial view of the Southern Plants and the Northern Plants comes alive with the arrival of a tanker carrying crude oil. You can follow the route of the raw material first towards the storage area and then through the entire industrial site all the way to the shipping of the finished product.

A detailed and accurately captioned depiction of all the steps of the refining process, covering each and every plant unit, semi-finished product, residue and finished product.

The highly integrated and efficient IGCC process. See how it recovers the by-product of the refining process and how it produces, via cogeneration, electricity for the grid and hydrogen and steam for the refinery.