Fair play, mutual respect, inclusiveness and safety – Saras promotes the culture of sport.

We uphold the educational values of sport

This is why we support Sarroch Polisportiva Volley, which this year plays in the ‘B1’ league, of football team Gioventù Sarroch and Amatori Capoterra,
a rugby club with a strong presence in the community currently in the national ‘B’ league.

We also sponsor basketball team Dinamo Banco di Sardegna, the pride of Sardinia in this sport, even before winning in 2015 the Supercup, the national championship and the Italy Cup.
Last but not least, we are the main sponsor of the Football Academy of Cagliari Football Club, which works with football training clubs across Sardinia.

Cagliari Football Academy

Sportsmanship, cooperation, commitment and education. This, in a nutshell, is the Cagliari club’s Football Academy, 41 football training schools in Sardinia and mainland Italy, with Saras as their main partner.

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Saras supports the Dinamo basketball giants

In addition to being great on court, the Dinamo giants have become a model for young people all over the island, involved in many outreach initiatives spreading the spirit of sportsmanship. This is why we support both their sports activity and some of their social initiatives.

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Sarroch Volleyball Club

‘Sarroch Polisportiva Pallavolo’ is one of the most active volleyball clubs in Sardinia. Currently playing in the B-league, it is collecting a string of wins.In addition to its major team, it has a minivolley programme with about 70 children and is also present in the schools of Sarroch with projects that bring together sport and teachingIts aim is to become a school for future volley champions. This club’s active social role in the Sarroch community is what led us to become its sponsors.

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Gioventù Sarroch

‘Gioventù Sarroch’ is a young football club in Sarroch, whose aim is to promote football playing and its values among the young people of Sarroch to maintain the practice of this sport in the community. The aim is to train young footballers from age 6 onwards. Membership is open to all young people wishing to practice football. Members are registered with the national football federation and are covered by insurance during training and games.

Amatori Rugby Capoterra

‘Amatori Rugby Capoterra’, established in 1972 is currently playing in the ‘B-league’ rugby championship. In addition to its competitive activity, Amatori Rugby also promotes cultural activities such as exhibitions of local handicrafts, photographic exhibitions, conferences and charity initiatives.

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Safety at the sports grounds

The programme Safe sport in Sarroch delivered first aid and defibrillation training to the town’s sports clubs, to help them comply with the rules on defibrillators that entered into force in 2015.

Marking Saras’ 50th anniversary, in collaboration with the town authorities we turned Sarroch in a beacon of heart-safe sport: each of the town’s six sports facilities was provided with a defibrillator. Thus at all these facilities, including gyms, sports pitches and courts, sports halls and the canoeing and kayaking school at the Perd’e Sali marina (see Google Maps) the people of Sarroch can practice their sport safely.

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Sport without borders

The event ‘Sarroch – Sport without borders’ is an initiative of the Saras company’s CRAL (the staff’s leisure club) in cooperation with the Proloco Sarroch (local tourist promotion office) and the support of the town authorities of SarrochIt is a three-day event dedicated to the members of the local sports clubs. The 2017 edition was held on 21, 22 and 23 July at the marina of Perd’e Sali (Sarroch). The main guest of the closing ceremony was Jack Devecchi, captain of the Dinamo Banco di Sardegna football team, together with some fellow team members.

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