Cagliari Football Academy


Sportsmanship, cooperation, commitment and education.
This, in a nutshell, is the Cagliari club’s Football Academy, 41 football training schools in Sardinia and mainland Italy,
with Saras as their main partner.

From the start we believed in this project launched by the Cagliari football club in 2015 to join under one flag the passion of Sardinia’s people for the red and blue team and nurture the island’s young talents.
The relationship with the club is very close: each affiliated football school meets the Football Academy’s staff to discuss its history and specific features. This allows the specialists of the Academy based at Asseminello, to identify the best way to involve each affiliate’s management, coaches and the young footballers’ families in sharing the project’s guidelines and philosophy.

The programme includes workshops for coaches held at the home of Red&Blue, the Sports Centre at Asseminello, near Cagliari. A psychologist from our HR Department, with expertise in group facilitation, also attends the meetings.

In addition to the Asseminello centre, we also support the two training centres opened by Cagliari Calcio at Alghero and at Mazzo di Rho (Milan).

At the end of each football season, the teams of children aged 8-10 from all over Sardinia challenge each other in the ‘Saras Tournament’, with the winner receiving the prize at the Sant’Elia stadium in Cagliari,
during the last match of the A-league championship.