Safe sport in Sarroch


The programme ‘Safe sport in Sarroch’
delivered first aid and defibrillation training to the town’s sports clubs,
to help them comply with the rules on defibrillators that entered into force in 2015.
Marking Saras’ 50th anniversary, in collaboration with the town authorities
we turned Sarroch in a beacon of heart-safe sport:
each of the town’s six sports facilities was provided with a defibrillator.
Thus at all these facilities, including gyms, sports pitches and courts, sports halls and the canoeing and kayaking school at the Perd’e Sali marina
the people of Sarroch can practice their sport safely.

Under the same project ‘Safe sport in Sarroch’ first aid and defibrillation training was delivered to the town’s sports people.
After attending the course and passing the final test, participants were given the IRC (Italian Resuscitation Council) certification enabling them to use the automated external defibrillator (AED).

It is thanks to their commitment and to the coordination of first aid response between the town authorities, the sports clubs, the emergency hotline 118 and volunteer association Avos, Sarroch has become a ‘Safe sport town’. Moreover, this project enabled all the town’s clubs to comply with the new rules requiring each of them to be qualified to use AEDs from 2016.

Another output was an awareness-raising video by two local videomakers, Andrea Martis and Marcello Masu,
featuring the football players of the ‘Gioventù Sarroch’ team.
The video simulates the saving of a player by means of prompt use of the defibrillator.

The position of each defibrillator is easily and quickly found on Google Maps.