Sustainable energy

Being the most efficient energy suppliers,
while fully respecting the environment

Producing energy in a safe and reliable manner guaranteeing protection of the territory and the environment is one of the key principles guiding our operations and strategic choices.

Our plants work efficiently, minimising energy use, reducing internal consumption, emissions and waste production and optimising the use of all natural resources.

Our constant effort to improve our environmental performance has paid off over the years with a steady and significant decrease in the environmental impact of our production activities across the production cycle: selection of raw materials, improved fuel quality, energy efficiency programmes. The end result: reduction in the amount of fuel burnt and hence in air emissions.

The data for 2018
confirm the constant improvement of our environmental performance.


Being a sustainable company means combining business development with the most modern and effective international operational standards, based on the principles of precaution, prevention, protection and continuous improvement.


130 pages and 83 infographics
providing an exhaustive picture of the refinery’s environmental performance

A key milestone in our environmental commitment came in 2008 when Sarlux joined the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).
The data on our plants’ environmental performance, validated by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), are published every year in our Environmental Statement.


27,762 hours of training delivered
and € 31,045,000 in investments
to maintain high standards
in health, safety and the environment

Sarlux is an industrial group whose people apply and promote a culture of safety in their daily activities.
Sarlux applies the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) system, the main management tool for preventing major accidents, promoting occupational health and safety and protecting the environment.


was the first Italian refinery
to obtain IEA
IEA recognises the quality of our processes, staff skills and, of course, plant technology.

Under the IEA (Integrated Environmental Authorisation Decree), industrial plants must comply with specific emission limits set to ensure protection of air, water and soil.


Sarlux monitors constantly all key environmental aspects. Each year we make significant investments to deploy the latest technological solutions, in order to minimise environmental and community impacts.

AIR quality is a key commitment for Sarlux, as it is an essential factor for the health of Sarlux employees and the local communities.
We monitor this aspect closely, and have made significant technology upgrades to our plants, well beyond regulatory requirements.

The results achieved show our effort has paid off: both our tests and external audits show that our plants’ emissions are well below the legal limits.

We have cut drastically our consumption of FRESHWATER from the water supply network: in 2018 desalinated and recycled water met 61% of our plants’ demand.

The Sarlux facility is set on the coast and receives and dispatches raw materials and products by sea. Therefore, protection of MARINE WATERS is a priority and a constant commitment, which we pursue via prevention measures (we have long set stringent requirements for tankers mooring at our jetty) and biological monitoring.

Prevention and decontamination make up our two-pronged approach to protect the SOIL and SUBSOIL.
We invest an average budget of € 2,000,000 per year in inspection and maintenance: 39.5% of our storage tanks have double bottom, and 58.8% of the tank containment surface has been paved.
In 2018 Sarlux continued to reduce its production of special waste and increase the proportion of recycling and sorted waste collection.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY is a key strategic objective for Sarlux.

Our complex cycle for the production of refined petroleum products, petrochemical products and energy is certified by about 18,450 energy efficiency certificates.
In 2018, our Energy Management System was certified by RINA and IQNET as compliant with ISO standard 50001:2011.


An environmental sustainability policy goes hand in hand with a focus on employment, economic growth and social development in the local community and wider region in which Sarlux is based.

Sarlux ecosystem

One of the strengths of the Sarroch industrial area is the cluster of SMEs that have grown around the Sarlux compound starting from the 1960s to supply auxiliary and maintenance services.

Thus, in addition to the large industrial operations of Versalis, Sasol, Air Liquide and Eni Gas LPG, the industrial area has a number of local businesses which have grown over the years together with the Saras Group and which today make up a major industrial cluster of Sardinia.

Projects for the community

To the Saras Group and to Sarlux, corporate social responsibility means first and foremost sharing our industrial and business culture with the new generations. Between 2013 and 2018 more than 850 students visited our Sarroch facility under our “Learning about business” programmes.

The Saras Group also encourages and promotes local development, supporting initiatives that matter to the local communities, meet their needs and promote their heritage and resources.