Safety is our power

Our goal is to be and to be recognised as an industrial player whose people apply and promote a culture of safety every day.

Protecting workers’ health and safety and preventing accidents are primary values for Sarlux, which we put in practice every day by applying the best safety standards to the letter.
Our document ‘Policy for the Prevention of Major Accidents, the Protection of the Health and Safety of Workers and the Environment’ sets out and confirms our company’s commitment to these objectives.

The Safety Management System is certified under OHSAS 18001 2017-2020 and is part of our overall Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management system.

€ 43,720,000

of investments per year to maintain our high HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) standards


Sarlux applies the HSE system (Health, Safety and Environment): this is our main tool for preventing major accidents, promoting occupational health and safety and protecting the environment.

The HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) system is the end result of a complex process that started in 2001, which enabled us to obtain certification of the plant’s Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with international standard ISO 14001.

The certification was issued in 2004, was confirmed in subsequent years and was extended to the Northern Plants following takeover of the ENI Group company Versalis. The latest successful audit was performed in May 2017 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA Italy).

Following a process similar to that undertaken for the EMS, in December 2007 our industrial site also obtained OHSAS 18001 certification for its Safety Management System (SMS). Sarlux implemented voluntarily OHSAS 18001 to ensure prompt and well-planned compliance with the developments in occupational health and safety legislation.

The latest 3-year renewal of the certification was obtained in May 2017: an important milestone for Sarlux, confirming once again the company’s efforts and commitment to health and safety at work.

In recent years, the two systems, for the environment and for H&S have been integrated into a single HS&E management system, and performance measurement and planned improvement targets have been introduced.

Environmental Management System Certification ISO 14001 LRQA

OHSAS 18001 certification 2017-2020

Policy on accident prevention and protection of workers’ health and safety and the environment


Sarlux promotes the culture of safety among all its people, through training, information and monitoring of the effectiveness of the activities carried out.
Programmes and practices

Sarlux guarantees the safety of people and of the industrial site by two main types of action: maintaining plants and equipment in the accordance with international BAT (Best Available Technologies) standard and adopting safety policies in compliance with two key legislative acts: the Decree on occupational safety (no. 81/08) and the Decree on sites at risk of major accidents (no. 334/99).

These standards, which are strictly applied at Sarlux, include, among other things, the drawing up of safety, internal and external emergency and training plans, the establishment of fire-fighting teams and the use of personal protective equipment.

The Saras Group adopts additional controls at the Sarlux refinery, exceeding legal requirements.

In addition to ‘information’ courses and the issue of ‘Safety licences’ to ensure that all contractors’ personnel follow safe working practices, the company implements a number of other activities to improve worker safety. The most significant include:

  • Safety tours of operational areas for constant monitoring and control
  • Arrow and site inspections to supervise the activities carried out by the contractors
  • Safety briefings to ensure workers’ engagement and to spread safety awareness
  • Audits of the Safety Management System (SMS) and of the Environmental Management System (EMS).
  • Job-related checklists setting out the safety standards.
Safety briefings

These are meetings between an operator and two trained ‘communicators’, focused on safe working practices and risk awareness and assessment. These meetings are also an opportunity to exchange opinions, improve on-site safety and empower and motivate personnel

Safety Licence

To ensure that all contractor personnel also work in conditions of safety, Sarlux organises specific ‘information’ courses, which lead to the issue of ‘safety licences’, without which entry to the work sites is not permitted. This is a requirement established by Sarlux as an add-on to existing legal obligations. These ‘information’ hours are additional to the specific training contractors’ workers receive from their employer, and to the mandatory compliance with all applicable legal obligations. Each year an average of 1,000 new licences are issued.


In 2018, in a context of continuous improvement, work continued on spreading the culture of safety and, from May, the BBS (Behaviour Based Safety) protocol was extended to all areas of the Sarroch site.

The aim is to establish a single management tool to promote safe behaviour and consolidate the goal of ‘zero incident events’.

The BBS protocol is divided into three phases:

All workers, on a rotating basis:

  • observe the behaviour of their colleagues during performance of their duties;
  • record observations of behaviour on a specific card;
  • give feedback to the observed colleagues;
  • enter the observation data and comments into the system.

Once a month, the HSE Committee (composed of Operations Managers, Operations Supervisors and HSE Analysts):

  • reviews the department’s event reports;
  • reviews the observation and behaviour graphs;
  • establishes priorities for HSE maintenance activities;
  • sets behavioural improvement targets;
  • prepares the list of topics for the Shift manager – worker meetings.

After analysis by the HSE Implementation Committee, a team meeting is held to report on the results of the analysis and set improvement targets.