The Saras Group


The Saras Group is one of the main independent oil refining operators in Europe

The Group is engaged in the production of petroleum products through its subsidiary Sarlux. For more than a decade now it has added to its refining operations and marketing activities the production and sale of electrical power through the IGCC power station owned by Sarlux.

The Sarroch refinery, on the south coast of Sardinia, west of Cagliari, is one of the largest in the Mediterranean in terms of production capacity and structural complexity.

With processing capacity of over 15 million tonnes a year – 300,000 barrels per day – the refinery makes up about 21% of Italy’s refining capacity.

Saras is active in the wind market with its company Sardeolica, which operates the wind farm at Ulassai, in Sardinia.

Supply and trading in domestic and international markets – i.e. the sale and distribution of petroleum products and the purchase of raw materials – are entrusted to a new Group company, Saras Trading SA, based in Geneva.

The Group is also present in Spain with a network of about 106 service stations.

The Group also operates in the field of energy efficiency and RTD for energy and environmental applications through its subsidiary Sartec based at Macchiareddu (Cagliari).

The Board of Directors of Saras

Massimo Moratti

Dario Scaffardi
Chief Executive Officer
and General Manager

Gilberto Callera

Adriana Cerretelli

Laura Fidanza

Isabelle Harvie-Watt

Francesca Luchi

Angelo Moratti

Angelomario Moratti

Gabriele Moratti

Giovanni Moratti

Leonardo Senni
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Subsidiaries of Saras SpA, the  Group’s holding company, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange


is the owner of the refining and petrochemical plants and of the Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plant located at the Sarroch industrial site. With a tank farm totalling about 4 million m3, it is the largest refinery in the Mediterranean and among the largest in Europe in terms of conversion capacity and quantity of crude refined: 300,000 barrels per day, more than 15 million tonnes per year, equal to 21% of Italy’s refining output (source UP 2017).
The IGCC power station has installed capacity of 575 MW, producing 4.5 GWh of electricity per year.
One of the world’s largest of its kind, this plant is fully integrated with the industrial site: it is one of the main units converting bottom of the barrel by-products (tar) from the refinery. At the same time it supplies the refinery with hydrogen and steam.

Saras Trading

on 4th September 2015, the Group established a new trading company in Geneva (Switzerland), Saras Trading SA, for the trade in crude oil and petroleum products, the purchase and supply of crude oil and other feedstock to the Group’s refinery, and the sale of refined oil products.
Its positioning in one of the world’s main trading hubs for oil commodities allows Saras Trading  to take the pulse of the market and capture new commercial opportunities.


produces renewable energy from its Wind Farm in Ulassai, Sardinia. Its 48 wind turbines have a total capacity of 96 MW.
This wind farm is a successful example of integration between a production site and the local community.


pursues scientific and technological research in the field of environmental protection, industrial efficiency and energy savings. It is an Energy Services Company (ESCo) that conducts energy audits and develops energy management systems under ISO 50001.

The Arcola oil depot

is the Group’s logistics site in the Province of La Spezia, a strategic oil storage terminal for distribution of Saras Group products in northern Italy. The oil products are delivered to the 26-tank farm through a 1-km offshore line starting in the Gulf of La Spezia and a 10-km oil pipeline.

Saras Energia

based in Spain, Saras Energia is a wholesale and retail distributor of oil products, with a network of 95 service stations, mainly in the south of the country. It holds 7% of the Spanish wholesale market.