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The Saras Group’s refining operation is located in Sarroch, on the southern coast of Sardinia.

Processing over 15 million tonnes of crude oil per year, Sarlux is the largest refinery in the Mediterranean in terms of production capacity and structural complexity (Nelson Index of 11.7) and makes up approximately 21% of the total output of Italy’s refineries.

Our refinery sets a benchmark in the industry for efficiency and environmental sustainability, thanks to the know-how and technological and human resources we have built in over 50 years of activity.

efficienza energetica ciclo integrato sostenibile Sarlux ENG2-03


The refining cycle is fully integrated with the IGCC plant:
The integrated gasification combined cycle plant uses the heavy hydrocarbons produced by refining, normally used to produce fuel oil, and converts them into electricity and heat.

The site’s IGCC plant, with installed capacity of over 575 MW, generates more than 4 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year. All the electricity produced is sold to the Energy Services Operator (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici – GSE SpA).


Crude oil is not all alike: it may differ significantly in performance, viscosity, yield and density. Each type of oil requires the appropriate refining processes; what makes the difference between refineries is precisely the ability to process a broader range of crude types.

The technological complexity of the Sarlux refinery gives us great flexibility in processing the most diverse crude oils.

Supply from >30 countries all over the world of crude oils which belong to a wide range of grades

This important result was achieved also thanks to the commitment and skill of Sarlux’s engineers and operators, who constantly adjust appropriately the plants’ settings to match the characteristics of the various crude oils.

Saras has focused on this added value and the refinery’s current performance is the result of an investment strategy based on three pillars:

applying the best standards in human resources development

continuous plant improvements and upgrading

developing a flexible and trading-oriented industrial facility.


300,000 refined barrels per day, 21% of Italy’s total capacity

Light and middle distillates 86%, fuel oil, (total conversion 7%)

Heavy residue from refining is converted into electricity, hydrogen and steam 8%

13 berths for oil tankers and 3.8 million m3 of storage capacity

The plant’s high flexibility and advanced technology have made the Sarroch industrial site a great refinery, in terms of both processing capacity and complexity. Our refinery ranks in the top league in Europe – we are perfectly positioned to capture the opportunities on the oil market, in terms of the large variety of crude oils.

This is why we have built a supply chain tying seamlessly our production operations with the business side, managed by our subsidiary Saras Trading SA, based in Geneva.

This is another milestone for the Group, which evolves in line with the new global developments in crude oil markets.