Environmental statement 2018

The 2018 Environmental statement has been published (download it here). It describes the activities performed, the environmental aspects and objectives the Saras Group has set itself to continuously improve its sustainability record.
The main purpose of the document is to share with the community the data on the environmental performance of the Company’s plants in a clear and transparent manner.

The Environmental Statement has been issued each year since 2008, when we chose to join the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), a tool designed by the European Union to enable companies to assess, improve and communicate their environmental performance.
The main aim of EMAS is to help achieve sustainable economic development, by focusing on the role and responsibility of enterprises.

The Environmental Report is validated by accredited environmental auditor Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA Italy), which certifies the conformity of the environmental data with the rules of the EMAS regulations. The Report is then approved by the Ministry of the Environment.
The 2018 Environmental statement, with performance data updated to 31 December 2017 has just been approved.

The publication each year of the Environmental Statement is an important event for the whole of Sarlux, since it discloses in an open and transparent way to citizens, the authorities and especially stakeholders, detailed information on the environmental performance of our production plants.
The environmental performance data for 2017 bear proof to Sarlux’s commitment to constant improvement in a number of areas, including the environment and occupational health and safety. It also confirms the attention paid to all stakeholders, with a focus on the local communities.

Consolidation of activity consistently with truly sustainable development is confirmed both by the major investment plan launched and by our constant focus on innovation.
We are also continuing the industrialisation of some pilot projects that the #digitalSaras team has tested in recent months, which will allow us to improve processes at sustainable costs to remain one of the leading refining operators, while respecting the community.


Download Sarlux 2018 Environmental Statement