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Street Art 4.0 #winners

A few days ago, in Cagliari, the Ghetto exhibition centre hosted the award ceremony for Street Art 4.0 #diamociunaMossa, the competition organised by Saras for the best innovative idea and graphic campaign promoting sustainable transport choices.

The project Street Art 4.0 #diamociunaMossa conceived by Saras under the work experience scheme for school students, in collaboration with the School Authority of Sardinia and Anpal Servizi aimed to involve young people in designing a more sustainable future, by focusing on the possibilities offered by new technologies and on environmental awareness-raising. In working on their project, the students were supported by Saras know-how, including in the field of industry 4.0, through the knowledge and analysis of big data. The theme of the competition was sustainable mobility, an ideal model of transport system that minimises environmental impacts, while providing effective, smart and fast options for moving around.

Simona Berri, Saras General Counsel & Corporate Affairs Manager, highlighted the importance for the company of building links with society and fostering the relationship between businesses and schools through tangible projects. ‘The meaning of our ‘work experience’ project – she said – is, in a nutshell, ‘awareness’, which means becoming aware of the challenges of our times, of our company’s role and contribution, of our social responsibility, which is also to help educate young people’. The project is one of the many corporate social responsibility initiatives sponsored by the Saras Group and is part of a broader set of initiatives for the benefit of schools.

According to Sarlux’s CEO, Carlo Guarrata, the project ‘is a way to get young people to learn what working in our sector is like and to find out about our commitment to sustainability’. After all, he added, ‘mobility issues are very important to us also because we are a community of 1,200 people moving around at our site’.

The award ceremony

After the students presented their projects, the winner was selected by a jury composed of Stefania D’Arista external relations manager of CTM, Cagliari’s top-notch public transport company, Alberto Soi, senior art director of Ojos design, Paolo Ferrero, Saras mobility manager and Nicola Monni, the youngest employee of the Saras Group.

The first prize was awarded to the team of the Nautical School Buccari composed of Arianna Boi, Ester Meloni and Alessia Piras, whose SarBux Project covered the ‘mobility of employees from home to work and their movements within the Sarlux site’. The graphic representation of their idea will be reproduced on all the shuttle buses for internal transport at the Sarlux site.

Second prize went to the Scano school with the project ‘Sustainable Sardinian tourism’, while special mentions were awarded to the Michelangelo school for best logo, to the Dante school for creativity and to the Scano school for the integrated mobility model. The winners received one hoverboard for each team member. Moreover, in recognition of their commitment to and awareness of environmental sustainability issues, the Saras Group awarded Amazon purchase vouchers to all participants.

The preview of a Sardinian broadcaster’s news report on the Street Art 4.0 award ceremony,
to watch the entire news clip click here

Special guest at the prize-giving ceremony was Manu Invisible, a street artist of international fame, who during the event created Consapevolezza (Awareness), a live painting on canvas on the topic of environmental protection, i.e. on the importance of today’s choices for our future. Consapevolezza examines the impact of consumerism and our daily habits on our only home: the planet.

Saras has chosen a young artist, who has always been sensitive to social issues and to the school world and has often given a voice to the needs of young people.

This project, of high social and cultural value, is part of Saras’ broader cognitive capital programme which comprises a varied range of activities targeting university, high school and middle school students.

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4 July 2019  -  

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