What are the best companies to work for? Saras among the best employers in Italy

Saras is among the four Sardinian companies in the top 400 deemed to be ‘good’ to work for in Italy.
This has been ascertained by a survey carried out among workers.
This is what has emerged from a survey by the company “Statista” for news magazine Panorama,
which dedicated a cover story to Italian companies which have obtained top marks from their staff.

This survey was carried out by interviewing 15,000 workers
belonging to 1,900 companies with a staff of more than 250 people.

Twelve questions were asked of interviewees, who were consulted in a completely anonymous manner
– they were asked if they would recommend their employer to friends or family.

The result? a list of 400 firms and companies obtained higher than average marks.

The Group placed sixth at national level in the section dedicated to raw materials and energy.
The top places among companies where work is best in Italy were secured by Ferrero, Ferrari and Hilton.
Sardinia is represented by Saras, Meridiana, Tiscali and the University of Cagliari.