The 2017 Environmental Statement

The Environmental Statement 2017 is available for online consultation
and downloading from the Sarlux website.

It describes the activities performed, the environmental aspects and the objectives
the Saras Group Company has set itself for continuous
improvement of its sustainability record.

This is the ninth edition since 2008, when the Sarroch-based company decided to join
the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), an initiative of the EU
to foster sustainable economic development,
putting at the forefront the role and responsibility of businesses.

This document was designed especially to share with the local community the data
on plant efficiency and on the company’s overall environmental performance,
both geared for continuous improvement.

Thus, the publication each year of the Environmental Statement
is an important moment for Sarlux as a whole:
it is a tool for open and transparent dialogue with citizens, authorities and stakeholders,
providing detailed information on the environmental performance
of the industrial site located at Sarroch, province of Cagliari.

The environmental performance data for 2016 bears proof to Sarlux’s commitment
to constant improvement in a number of areas, including the environment,
health and workers’ safety.
It also confirms the attention paid to all stakeholders, with a focus on local stakeholders.

The strengthened focus on truly sustainable development is confirmed
both by the major investment plan launched and by the constant striving for innovation.

 Certain pilot projects that the #digitalSaras team tested over the past few months
have just entered the engineering phase.
The projects were presented last week at the Industry 4.0 laboratory
of the industrial site in Sarroch.
They will enable us to improve our processes at sustainable costs and maintain
our leading position in the refining industry.